Past and Present Sponsors

The following organizations have supported the Squid Project by providing their resources or funding various Squid development activities:

The Squid Software Foundation -

The Foundation governs and facilitates Squid project activities, providing the infrastructure and support framework for Squid developers and users.

DigitalOcean -

DigitalOcean has donated droplets from their cloud infrastructure to host most of Squid Project's continuous integration farm.


SpinUp has donated cloud resources to host our main website, wiki and mailing lists.

The Measurement Factory -

The Measurement Factory has contributed significant resources to Squid development and Squid Project infrastructure and support.

Treehouse Networks, NZ -

Treehouse Networks has contributed significant resources toward Squid-3+ development and maintenance for their customer gateways and CDN.

RackSpace -

RackSpace donated a number of virtual machines from their cloud infrastructure to support and extend our continuous integration testing infrastructure and, in 2014-2019, to host many of the Squid Project services.

Augur TBBS Pty Limited

Augur TBBS has funded development work towards HTTP/2 support in Squid-4.

Bloomberg L.P.

Bloomberg L.P. has funded development work towards stabilizing Squid-4.

LaunchPad -

Provide Bazaar mirroring services and host the Squid-3+ developer project code.

RM Education -

RM Education has sponsored Squid performance optimizations and stability improvements.

Messagenet -

Messagenet donated hardware and bandwidth for the wiki server and most continuous integration testing until late 2014 when it was converted to a Squid Project core mirror server.

anonymoX GmbH -

anonymoX contributed sponsorship and resources towards resolving and testing bug fixes in high performance Squid-3.4 proxies.

iCelero - contributed development resources towards testing and stabilization of Squid-3.3 on Windows.

Netbox Blue Pty -

Netbox Blue Pty. contributed development resources towards testing and stabilizing of authentication systems in Squid-3.2 and Squid-3.3.

iiNet Ltd -

iiNet Ltd contributed significant development resources to Squid during its early stages and was instrumental in its early adoption in the local internet community. In Squid-2.6 and 3.0 iiNet supplied equipment to help develop and test the WCCPv2 implementation. In Squid-3.2 iiNet sponsored development time to resolve authentication problems.

Palisade Systems -

Palisade Systems funded initial SSL Bump feature development in Squid-3.2.

Barefruit -

Barefruit has funded Squid-3.0 and 3.1 development and maintenance, with a focus on content adaptation (ICAP and eCAP) support.

BBC (UK) and Siemens IT Solutions and Services (UK)

Provided development and testing resources for Solaris /dev/poll support in Squid-3.1.

webwasher AG -

webwasher AG paid for improvements to Squid-3.1 ICAP client implementation.

SourceForge -

Provide CVS mirroring services and hosted the Squid-2 developer project code.

Kaspersky Lab -

Kaspersky Lab funded initial development of ICAP support in Squid-3.0

MARA Systems AB -

MARA systems has sponsored the bug fixing and maintenance for most Squid-2.5 releases, and a number of new features to be found in Squid-3.0.

Zope Corporation -

Zope Corporation funded the development of the ESI protocol ( in Squid-3.0 to provide greater cachability of dynamic and personalized pages by caching common page components.

Picture IQ -

Picture IQ bought simple support for the Vary header to Squid-2.7, to help their accelerator setups.

Yahoo! Inc. -

Yahoo! Inc. supported the development of improved refresh logic. Many thanks to Yahoo! Inc. for supporting the development of these features.

Swell Technology -

Swell Technology provided development and testing support to the Squid-2 project, as well as hardware donations for Squid developers.


SGI has provided hardware donations for Squid developers.

National Laboratory for Applied Network Research

NLANR coordinated the early development of Squid with features for integration with the IRCache network measurement project and High Performance Networking.

The National Science Foundation

The NSF was the primary funding source for Squid development from 1996-2000. Two grants (#NCR-9616602, #NCR-9521745) received through the Advanced Networking Infrastructure and Research (ANIR) Division were administered by the University of California San Diego.






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