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This page lists third-party software which is related to or can be integrated with Squid proxy.

For software tools which are packaged by the Squid Project see the helper manuals.

Ad Zapper   A free redirector by Cameron Simpson designed to eliminate advertisement images. You can also get regular updates of the pattern-matching database.
asqredir   asqredir (another squid redirect program) is a small, basic and fast redirect program for the almighty squid webcache. It can be used for filtering out advertisements from web sites or preventing proxy users to get certain files and redirect them to another url.
dnsbl_redir   dnsbl_redir is a SQUID DNSBL redirector created to use RHS (right hand side) DNS BlackLists as a means to block traffic to a SQUID proxy instead or in conjunction with other filters such as SquidGuard. dnsbl_redir is a shamelessly derived redirector based on the asqredir redirector written by Thomas Zippo. (Thanks for a nce redirector!) See the web page for more info!
Dynamic Content Booster   Store ID helper AKA Dynamic Content Booster is scalable, enterprise-grade, high-performance multi-threaded content deduplicator. It works with any Squid starting with v3 and with all products based on it. DCB supports up to 4096 threads per helper process.
iredir   iredir is a small python program which can be used as a squid redirector to rewrite urls based on regular expression definitions. Its highly flexible and also supports multithreaded squid3 redirector mode.
Jesred   A very fast and highly configurable redirector package by Jens Elkner.
LASP   Lasp is a "Lightweight ACL" helper application for Squid proxy. It was designed to allow a moderate number of allow/deny rules to be implemented in such a way as to have maximum flexibility and minimal overhead to the performance of the proxy. It has been found to perform moderately well with about 100-150 users in a corporate environment.
Rejik   REJIK is a Web filtering system consisting of a Squid redirector and ban lists. It is fast and easy.
Soulcatcher   Soulcatcher is a Squid redirector designed with educational establishments in mind. It is designed to be easy to use and allow easy updating via a command line.
sqRiakRedirector   RIAK based redirector for SQUID. Useful for URL based content blocking
Squirm   A configurable, efficient redirector for Squid by Chris Foote with many cool features
squirm-ads   Squirm-ads is a fast & configurable redirector for the Squid Internet Object Cache. It is based on squirm package. It extends squirm functionality and introduces content filter based on Windows Active Directory groups.
SquiVi2   SquiVi2 is a redirector for squid. It makes is possible to include an virusscanner in squid to search for viruses and trojans in the requested files. You can configure as many virus scanners and compression tools as you want.
Viralator   Viralator is a virus scanner interface for Squid. Before a user can download a file, Squid passes the file to the Viralator script which, in turn, uses a virus scanner to scan, disinfect or delete the download. This is especially good for stopping virus infected files from free email sites like hotmail, etc. Viralator uses Squirm, Apache, and a virus scanner called Innoculate.
zapchain   Another free redirector by Cameron Simpson designed to chain multiple redirectors together. The directions is specific to combining Adzapper with another redirector, but works equally well with any other set redirectors.
Ian's ftp.sbs.de: Name or service not known
A redirector that allows Intranet (restricted) or Internet (full) access with URL deny and redirection for sites that are not deemed acceptable for a userbase all via a single proxy port.
squidGuard 599 Internal Exception
A free (GPL), flexible and efficient filter and redirector program for squid. It lets you define multiple access rules with different restrictions for different user groups on a squid cache. squidGuard uses squid standard redirector interface.
ufdbGuard 599 Internal Exception
ufdbGuard is a free URL filter that works with free and commercial blacklist databases, is extremely fast and has additional security features like https tunnel detection, Google SafeSearch enforcement, and strong SSL certificate validation.
churl 404 Not Found
A Java based helper taking XML configuration file syntax to perform URL redirection. Supports Squid helper concurrency and threading.
shaga_redir 404 Not Found
A mysql based redirector program for Squid and the ShagaEngine billing system. It checks user status (blocked/unblocked by billing system) and redirects user to the proper page.
Volta 404 Not Found
Volta is a featureful, extremely high performance / low resource URI rewriter for use with the Squid caching proxy server. With it, you can dynamically alter URI requests on arbitrary criteria. It uses a finite state machine to parse URIs and rules, and a constant database for storage. It can perform conditional rewrites internally or by evaluating simple Lua scripts.
pyredir 404
pyredir is a flexible but simple redirector for Squid implemented in Python. URLs matching Python regular expressions can be redirected using regular expression substitution, databases of filename-to-url mappings, alternative config files, or child redirectors. Utilities are provided for generating database files from file archives. It is primarily useful for redirecting requests to large local FTP archives, but it can also be useful as a top-level redirector that separates and feeds requests to more specialized child redirectors.

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